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Monday, February 9, 2009

T-Shirts and other Stupid Things...

Hi dear people, I've been giving a tour of cyberspace, and we must see things that can be found on the net, I saw something I had drawn particular attention, not necessarily for the good, if not for the power the ability of some people to waste time on such absurd things in the name of their God.

To see their story, a Christian youth movement, the "Passion for Christ Movement" has happened to them the brilliant idea of making shirts for sale to raise funds. Then there all right.

But the peculiarity of these shirts is that they are for Christians who have repented of their sins and all the evil they have done and are now "normal" and have drawn a line of shirts sinners EX, where we can find shirts for all tastes, the most famous and most publicized is "Ex-Gay" and advertised it as a Larell, leaving her in the photo, lesbian repentant she has found the right path and has said as being gay since she found God.

This campaign of the money intended raise with "good" Christian, your goal is to make the sheep astray make public repentance for all their take example.

This shirt is like so many other former hypocrites Wores Ex, Ex masturbating, fornicatress Ex Ex Gay, Lesbian Ex, Ex-Atheist, etc, for all tastes in all colors and sizes.

I have not found on this page, and see that I was thoroughly searched, are shirts, Former homophobic, racist Ex, Ex religious fanaticism, Ex asshole, bastard Ex, Ex Murderer, Former inhuman intolerant-Ex, Ex discriminator, they do not find anywhere, and I made a complaint and I requested an order for these shirts when we will see in the market.
Because thank God, the world is balanced or at least that question, no answers have been slow to emerge in this campaign, from non-Christian people I imagine, and very sinful as the eyes of the church, but that if ... . more human and I think with more neurons in the brain.

And thanks to them we have the shirts being repentant repented, jajajaja, the EX-EX osea all previous, such as EX-EX HOMOSEXUAL, LESBIAN EX-EX, and there is also that I've asked a couple of EX STRAIGHT-and we can find the EX-VIRGIN.

As girls we see, the world is crazy, this is nothing new, but I am happy to know that there are still lots of people besides rope and, after seeing the fool things by some "Christians" or people "normal" in the name of God, not I can only laugh, because the church and these movements increasingly falling more and more low.
I will say that if being a lesbian and love to a woman makes me a sinner, I am a misguided sheep (Beeee. ..) and I on the wrong track ... straight to burn in hell, and his "god" and "Jesus Christ", I expect to close the gates of heaven and paradise in the nose.

Then I'm not interested, I am a Sinner happy, and every day that passes I am more proud of being a lesbian and I will never repent of it, because I am a free human being, I am a woman living a full account of their principles and their feelings and how to live, not as people "normal" meant to live, I LOVE MY ABNORMALITY and each day that passes I am more confident that my God and my Jesus Christ, is not the same as that of the Church and all these people fanatic. Because mine does not matter whatever, who cares to be happy.

So you know sinners, we must remove our shirts .... left with some of Portia's models and that's great !!!!!

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unbelievable...add me in the list of the happy sinners ^_^ proud to be who I am