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Thursday, February 12, 2009

L Word Episode 4 Season 6 "Leaving Los Angeles"

Hi dear people, here I bring you the fourth chapter of our favorite series The L Word, we are already at half of the season, yes there are girls unfortunately only another 4 to the end: (nooooooooooo, I know we're going to do without them (which is not my Bette Porter .....) Well I must not anticipate or think about it before long to enjoy these weeks we have left.

In this episode, Max joins the long and increasingly more long list of people who dislike, hate or want to kill Jenny Shecter, is that the girl is wanting ....

They spend a lot of things, Tibette is to go to Vegas for the baby, our favorite crazy jenny is starting to overwhelm Shane, Dylan wants another chance with Helen, Kelly (ajjjjjj), the attack is better (but I have to admit that Bette Neither makes much resistance, ..... the game of flirtation and love it !!!!!, is part of her character ..... I understand it perfectly)

And Tina work together so that Kelly and Bette did not make any grace, much less after that Kit told Bette that she nearly commits suicide by being crazy for Kelly at the University .....

The episode ends with Max left by Tom's unhappy that the left, depressed and pregnant.

And without further the episode "Leaving Los Angeles"

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Thanks for 'I can't think straight', How about the other 'World Unseen'? Thanks for your efforts.