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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A new love for Callie? ...

Hi dear people, I tell them that as we mentioned before, Grey's Anatomy, seeks to remedy the mistake with Brooke Smith, (at least from my point of view) and seems to want or intend to put some thematic lesbian character Callie, if our Callie left alone and abandoned after the departure of Erica Hahn.

We saw some attempts at flirtation with Sadie, but I told them that this was not going to go from there .... but has come to Seattle Grace a new pediatrician (not is not Macarena Wilson), Arizona is called Robbins, blonde, of 1.76, a few beautiful green eyes, happy, cheerful, and willing to give Callie some joy to the body as appears.

Arizona (as we can remember that student Nadia kept tempt the dean Bette Porter to get what they wanted), has come to the hospital to replace a physician who has died, we do not know if it is, the more certain is that no , has been with the three chapters 2 and so far there was no cross word with Callie (but apparently has been informed about it).

In this episode we find our Callie with a very sad mood, depressed, alone, and thinking about their lives and their relationships were failures .... and she was lost in her thoughts on Joe's bar, when suddenly the little Gray comes and sits, and begins to talk to Mark, and asks if she believes that tells Derek that she is dating, you Callie replied that it would be very foolish if it did, and that was the straw that I spill the glass (the unconquerable Dr. Sloan has been conquered ..... until he is happy), and goes to the bathroom because it tears beyond ..... But throughout this scene was a spectator who was very attentive to what was happening, there far to the other side of the bar, in a third plane was Arizona Robbins watch Callie departed towards the sink.

Callie is recovered, and Arizona goes to the bathroom and is offered ... she has said that the hospital, asking if it is well? begins to talk to her and said that people talk a lot, and she has to confess that she knows many things, at this stage we are looking Callie (shit !!!!! that is already happening?) Arizona continues and says that is that people talk a lot, Callie finally understands that is what their lesbian relationship and says:

Oh! I know you mean ...... go .... Arizona is great and tells you if! that really is great. And our blonde begins to speak in the plural to refer to herself (a good tactic) with things like: "All we like very well, I respect and care about you, they are interested .... some of them really ... They love ..."

And Arizona continues saying: "Only you seem sad and upset, and I thought you should know that when you're upset, and when it will be super .... people lining up to go out with you ..."

Our Callie laughs mockingly and says to him: "I want to give some names of these people?"

Arizona and Dr. Robbins looks tenderly ... is approaching and you plant a kiss and tell ... "I know" (we could say that higher, but not clear) and and with a smile that could melt the North Pole ..... goes away, leaving Callie surprised, thoughtful and smiling .... smiling as long ago as he had not seen.

I have to say is that I like Arizona to Callie, but do not want any false hopes, as we know from our friends, the ABC executives can not expect anything good.

I'm still lacking a Erica, but I like Arizona, are different, completely different in character and in the way of being, of doing things and to treat others.

This new pair has been named Calzon, yes it is seriously not kidding, this is the result of collecting the names of Callie and Arizona, I would have liked more CallieZona, but not all have the same success it achieved Kit Porter (my sister) with her "Hit ... but well, just hope this relationship forward.
I believe that if we lasted, it's quiet and positivism that Callie needs in her life, but as I tell saw which happens to writers. I confess that .... your smile fascinate me Dra. Robbins.

Arizona for the love of God ... I ask that you do not see leaves, and the word GAY, for all the world, use synonyms .... please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now left with the video, courtesy of our dear Rogue. Pinnacle walks because my spoiled, but I settle. Thanks Rogue.

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