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Monday, January 19, 2009

Reported LesPlanet

Hi dear friends and readers of LesPlanet you get this release to inform you that I have closed the account of Youtube for two weeks, until 02 February 2009, I do not have access to the account, I can not answer the mails (which some are about 1000 mails), I can not thank my subscribers, or approve comments, and of course I can not upload any kind of videos.

The problem has been with the part 5 of first episode of L Word, it seems that violates the rules of the community, give me that I must be someone behind all this because it is not normal ... video that takes up at least 3 weeks and nothing has happened and now suddenly when I put the subtitles in spanish, fails to rule the community, imagine that someone is interested in you close the account LesPlanet ....

In all these days I will upload videos on Megaupload, and you have to view them directly from the blog.

And thanks to all for your understanding and your support, a kiss for all...

5 comentarios:

Thanks for all your hard work!!! Did you watch Patricia Vico and Fatima Beaza on T5 this morning answering questions??? Fun!!! I had to use google translate, but hey, still fun!

Thanks for you hard work. I look forward to your postings and will follow with you whereever you post.

Warm thanks for your hard work! ;-)
I'm so sorry to hearing that reported thing! :( However things may turn out I shall continue to wait for your incredible and exciting posts. :))) Good luck! Huggs and kisses! :-*

Hey.. horrible what happened with your account on Youtube.com... :(
But i´ve got a question: where can i look the next episode of pepa and silvia?....

Well, I am following you to your blog. Hopefully things will resolved with youtube. I love your work.