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Friday, January 23, 2009


Hi, dear people of this wonderful planet LesPlanet, after nearly a week of setbacks with the servers and a lot more, finally i´m return, and I wanted to tell you that the dictators of Youtube, yesterday I have canceled channel, without even giving me a fucking explanation.

That's why you can not see any of the videos. I very much regret having to give them this news, but believe me, I am devastated.

All work for so long time, so many hours, many nights without sleep, all has gone to Shit ... literally!.

They will not believe that we have finished with this Blog, and our LesPlanet, I assure you that we would come back much better, or Gloria Gaynor say "I Will Survive."

Can not stop me, jajaja, I just ask them dear inhabitans, who have some patience because I have to put back all the videos again and recover all the material that I have lost.

Because start from the beginning, but I will continue working to offer you always, the best.

Do not worry that new episodes the L word and Pepa and Silvia can see them here on the Blog.

Well, Madonna and I left a message to Youtube from the heart ...

6 comentarios:

I'm sorry they are giving you such a hard time. We appreciate all that you do. Thank you for your continued effort.

i feel you i was very pissed when i saw that but we are with you just let us know your new name....much love xoxo

yes, thanks for everything! and as you say "f**k you tube"!

Sheeesh...YouTube sux big time for suspending u! I hope u'll never give up!!!