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Saturday, June 28, 2008


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Hi girls, and came on the day, HAPPY GAY PRIDE for all.

This day more than ever we should remember that:

"No person should be ashamed of what they are, whatever their sex and whatever their sexual orientation"

This is when it supports day of gay pride, each year since 1969 is commemorated this date, not a date uncover or anything like that, but as a date to remember the Stonewall riots: a series of violent altercations occurred between police and a group of homosexuals at the Bar Stonewall Inn in New York on June 28, 1969.

This was the first time a group rose by tolerance and non-discrimination against homosexuals groups: gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender ... the celebration has become world ...

This year we have also a matter of relevance to demonstrate: It is time for lesbians mark the pace of social progress.

we make visible and exit to the street to claim a place protagonists we have ceded by solidarity and that now up to us to take On the visibility of lesbians!

Doing a little story about lesbians can recall that in 1900 began to take on record the first women organized around the feminist movement and lesbian. So pressure system reproduced many tools to remove the voice and dignity.

For example, campaigns in 1920 were developed to prevent "mental illness lesbian", and that caused the start to associate with marginalization, disease and defect. Faced with this many lesbians were accepted as sick and tried to reject their emotions marrying or committing suicide.
However, while pathologisation lesbianism, women began to excel in their activities and professions, teaming up to form what is known as "new woman".

The sexual revolution and the entry of women into the labour market opened many doors to us all, but only at the professional level, since many closets are still closed for fear of misunderstanding of the environment and job discrimination. Meanwhile, all the progress of the movement LGTBQ seem specifically targeted at middle-class white male.

It is true that in recent years, several indicators show that this trend is also changing, so we just have to work to foster and sustain. 'For the Lesbian Visibility' is very late but fortunately is already here.

From now on our future should reject separation and bitter sectarian and based on true solidarity. Still in many parts of the world-and in environments little acculturation of developed societies-lesbianism remains a matter of public derision and even disapproval and condemnation by the authorities.

For them, today, but especially by those of yesterday, we must continue to fight and shape a society that we so different, but that does not isolate us again.

At present:

Eight countries apply the death penalty against homosexuals. Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Mauritania, Nigeria, Sudan and Yemen had the death penalty against homosexuals.

Eighty-five countries pursue homosexuality. The condemned to jail, flogging, internment in labor camps or psychiatric.

As you can see there is still much to do but the main thing is to be proud of who we are and not hide from anyone, so just in time to get the homsexuality no longer a taboo in society and no longer be prosecuted as if it were a crime.

Therefore girls enjoy the DAY OF Pride.

Then they put some productions that have been prepared for this day.

Somewhere over the rainbow for all inhabitants who live on the planet behind the rainbow

True Colors, this song still gives us that hope to live in a tolerant society, brings us a message that comforts the soul and calm the thirst of our spirit.

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