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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ellen and Portia already have date for the wedding...

Hi LesPlanet's girls we ever have more details about what will be the lesbian wedding of the year.

Apparently, Ellen and Portia are planning to marry in October at the Riviera Resort and Spa in Palm Springs. They have not yet closed the contract for the celebration, but it seems that negotiations are well advanced, and it only remains for them to agree on some small details and security.

The hotel is under construction at its facilities with a value of $ 70 million and plans to open in October 2008 so that these girls were married with the hotel completely renovated.

The ceremony seems to take place in the tropical gardens, next to the pool, but the reception will be in the great hall dances. In addition girls closed much of the hotel for them and their guests.

On the guest list is not yet known whether the couple nothing but confirm that the star of "Grey's Anatomy" TR Knight definitely is invited to the wedding. "I've heard that were invited himself, so I suppose we will have to invite" Ellen joked. "No, he has always been on the list." Portia said, "He's definitely a guest confirmed."

The couple feels excited about her upcoming wedding gifts in relation to both Ellen and Portia insisted that "we do not need any gift," insisted that "We do not have a list of wedding, we do not need anything, thank you. We have been sufficiently blessed. "

The couple admitted at the end that there is only gift that would be delighted to receive (makes it more illusion that Ellen Portia ...), a blanket with their faces tissues, which saw the Emmy.

"Now I see that there are blankets out there with our faces in it, we must take one. Therefore, if someone has a blanket with our faces, we can give," he said at the end.

Well it seems that this wedding is already under way and that from now we will have more details we will count them as we arrive. At the moment we leave you with a picture of which appears to be the place where he officiates the ceremony.

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