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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mrs. Portia Degeneres

Hi girls, we are here again, to tell you more news about the couple Degeneres-de Rossi.

Pretty, future wife Ellen, Portia De Rossi has announced that it will change its name by DeGeneres when she marries, as permitted by U.S. law.

To begin Portia is not his real name she was called Amanda Lee Rogers, but legally changed his name to Portia De Rossi 15 years, so this will be her second name change legal.

What is not clear is if we combine with the degeneration of Rossi, because something will come out as Portia De Rossi DeGeneres that can be very rare, so it is safer that Portia will be renamed Portia DeGeneres.

Wants to continue to be called as very hot.

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