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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Science and Spirituality....

Hi girls, this time we will put an article in Science, we have received a suggestion of an anonymous reader of LesPlanet on a video of Dr. Jill Bolter Taylor, a brilliant scientific Harvard specializing in the study area of the brain, also a writer of the book "My Stroke of Insight."

Dr. Taylor tells his experience in the video to suffer a stroke and massive power from within and scientific study, to realize what was happening to him, the sensations and the connection between parts of the brain, we talk about feelings energy and peace ...

This video has been recorded at a conference of TED.com, TED is an annual conference that brings together the great minds in the world of Technology, Entertainment and Design.

We have reviewed the video complete and we believe it is very interesting, although LesPlanet not usually play these issues, having been sent by a reader and as the LesPlanet we all of us, because here what we publish.

The video lasts about 20 minutes, if you have time worth that what veais complete, it is really very good in our view and assume that they have believed the 5 million people who have already seen.

If you want to see published a story or experience you wish to share with all of us or believe it can help us useful not hesitate to leave a post in this post, and the check post.

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