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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Everybody's looking at me...

Hello girls LesPlanet at this time we put some music on our blog, the composition that today we are going is a song of Gloria Trevi Mexican singer and titled "Todos me miran." (Everybody's looking at me)

This composition is put today because it represents very well the meaning of the celebrations these days around the world "Day of Pride" and we believe it reflects very well the situations many of us live, the show of shame as we are, rejection Our dear people, the trial of people who believe be better than all of us.

And I wonder where I Did all those people when we cry? Is it right that we are not asking us who we are? Why we must renounce our happiness for all those people?

For all these questions have only one answer is we hope we do all within our possibilities more visible as possible and sing this song ever.

I hope you enjoy from heart and never forget that all of us is worth much more than even the people who tried without us knowing and without right.

Here you get the video, despite being a song in Spanish is subtitled for us to stay without feeling any letter and its music.Enjoy.

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