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Monday, June 30, 2008

Jennifer Beals and Barack Obama

Hello dear people of Lesplanet, as we know they're in a U.S. election campaign and candidates of major primaries were Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Democratic Party, as we all know the winner and candidate for the White House will be by Barack Obama the Democratic Party and John McCain for the Republican Party.

Barack Obama has had support from many famous artists including Jennifer Beals has been involved heavily in the campaign for this candidate to such an extent that has made him an interview with Tobias Wolff, a distinguished professor of law at the University of Pennsylvania and chairman of Barack Obama's LGBT Committee of Politics.

In the picture we see Jennifer Beals reach the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in downtown LA for an event that raised an estimated $ 5 million for the presidential campaign of Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee.

Thanks to the implication that from his work in the series L Word Jennifer Beals has had with the LGBT community has been able to conduct this interview where Jennifer asks questions about LGBT candidate Barack Obama, and more broadly on issues of Women as a whole.

This interview was conducted with the questions raised by the LGBT community. Some of the reasons that Jennifer Beals has expressed support for Barack Obama's campaign for the presidency are:

"What I like about Obama is that I feel a sense of urgency to do things correctly."

"I have heard a couple of times, Barack is incredibly inspiring and I think that the first impetus for change is to take inspiration and hope. Barack is obviously very intelligent and I think it could be a great leader."

Here you leave the interview by Jennifer Beals Tobias Wolf, proved to be very enlightening but yourselves you can see and judge.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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