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Friday, June 27, 2008

Jessica Clarke welcome to LesPlanet...

I am counting that as well as losses on the road some inhabitants of this planet behind our colourful rainbow (Bye Bye .... Kristanna Loken, you miss ...), himself other people leaving the cabinet and are preparing to reside and populate our planet with its spectacular figures.

Such is the case of Jessica Clarke a spectacular model of 23 years of age, which was declared open lesbian.

She starred in the music video for the song with Usher "Burn" which reached platinum and gold record.

Yes, the same Usher who last week declared that women are becoming lesbians in mass because there are not enough men available (as my mother said IGNORANCE IS VERYYYYY DARE....).

Well continuing with what is important, Jessica a Londoner who lives in New York, in addition to modeling is a coach who likes to listen to MIA, Amy Winehouse and the Indigo Girls, and he sees House, Dexter and The L Word and supports the gay marriage.

You can see more pictures of sexy Jessica below, including some of his beautiful bride Lacey.

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