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Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Presentation of LHPD with our Pepa Miranda (Laura Sanchez)

Hi dear people, following the release of the latest series of our favorite planet LHDP and our beloved Pepa and Silvia, the story that finally have our darling Laura Sanchez as one of the leading actresses series, which finally appears in the credits like an actress fixed cast of LHDP , not before as an actress was just invited.

This makes us very happy because it is a sign that we have all season, our PEPSI (Pepa and Silvia).

Do not go in the presentation Lucas, which we know is only the first chapter and not to Lola, which has left the series.

Here they let the new presentation of the new season of "Los Hombres de Paco" 2009. I hope you enjoy it, and the images have remained with me in her face after kissing girlfriend Silvia Pepa second 0:47, 0:48 when the tender, the kiss of 0:50 and Pepa 1:00 where they exit the Miranda brothers together.

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