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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Who killed Jenny Schecter ... do not know

Hello dear people, today I bring you a new you will not like it, I have a little disappointed, I tell them that after 5 seasons faithfully follow our favorite series The L Word, and now engaged with the last 6 and hoping that stories of our girls have a decent end.

Well, I tell them that Mama Chaiken said in an interview ..... the big question of who killed Jenny Shecter? .... NO will be answered within this season. Yes you are reading as well, we will not know who killed Jenny Schecter.

Any thriller that is Mama Chaiken has created for this season, will not be resolved.

She said quote:

"Do not expect that the end is the answer to all questions"

Chaiken seems to have accepted the possibility that the end is that she will give us confused or even triggered the anger of the fans and viewers. She is also aware that for the first and only successful television about lesbians end the show with a dead in the pool, she says probably killed by another lesbian is a politically sensitive issue.

"I am aware of that," she said. "But I have always considered my primary responsibility to entertain and do what is best for the show"

And I tell you that the reason she is so optimistic and has done all this because it wants to unveil the mystery of the film in The L Word, it is not known if they can not even shoot at the moment is only one project has Mama Chaiken. "I am confident that we will make a film of L Word." I love to do that. I just think that somehow, the show will live. And if there are questions that need answering, will be answered."

And I say, that if no marrow movie The L Word, do not be left unanswered Mama Chaiken ???????

Because apparently the pilot of the Spin-off according to the latest statements by Ilene not give any answers to things that are no longer half in L word.

Ilene I think badly of you and let all the fans who have followed the series from the beginning, I think we deserve a final answer.

Because if the film a tangible fact, yes, but it is just a draft that we do not know if you can make. Come on ILENE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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