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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Inhabitant.... Who out the closet?

Hey guys, then I have a story, but it is a very strong rumor because it has not yet been able to clear as to who it is.

Lesbian say that a very famous and that is within the closet, is thinking of kicking the door and exit.

This person is an actress, with many jobs in their curriculum, and now a root of her impending divorce, is planning to come out and declare openly gay.

The story is as follows, sometimes the actresses lesbians marry someone of the opposite sex who are seeing the benefits as it increases her credibility as heterosexual and have many more chances in the roles they offer.

But the failed on plan is that if the relationship does not last, the former has an advantage over total is an actress. This is the case with this star of television whose fake marriage just ended.

The lawyer is now the star of her client to get a divorce, fast and discreet to prevent her former, I spoke or asked to keep a good check your mouth shut.

However, this actress in question is worth considering whether to pay or get out of the closet once.

According to the investigations of the means exist 2 possible candidates to be the stars of this rumor and let me tell you that my Gayradar and so many others had sounded much for the two.

One is the actress Kate Walsh, best known as Dr. Addison Montgomery of "Grey's Anatomy" and now onlyo with the series "Private Practice," which is now divorced from her husband Alex Young.

The other is actress Marg Helgenberger, CSI Catherine Willows in CSI: Las Vegas, which is also separating from her husband.

between two, the bets more highest has Kate with a 97% of the votes.

And you think of who it is, Kate or Marg?

2 comentarios:

I really really really REALLY hope it's Kate... I could turn trisexual for her... she's just gorgeous.

Un petit penchant (même gros) pour Kate Walsh...Si elle est lesbienne, j'espère qu'elle l'annoncera...