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Monday, September 8, 2008

Linday Lohan & Sam Ronson in N.Y.

Hi girls, again started another week of hard work, and today we began Monday with Lindsay Lohan, as this girl gives a lot to talk ... much to her regret ...

This time, has went with her girlfriend, Samanta Ronson to see the fashion spring show of Charlotte Ronson Samanta's sister to be held in New York.

It seems that in this atmosphere so relaxed, Lindsay will sign an outburst of love for Sam and you plant a kiss in front of everyone in the Mercer Hotel in New York earlier this week, someone who was more attentive to others got draw this photo, although of poor quality, is clearly the kiss of Lindsay to Sam ... is the first picture that openly confirms that the duo are more than friends.

Despite the fact that their relationship is no secret, they really have never spoken openly about her love and say I want to do? Nor is necessary ... it is nice to see Lindsay happy next to a person who has given balance and security to her live ... In this video see them in the parade of Charlotte...

And for the friends she likes fashion, which I suppose to be almost everywhere I leave with you this video of the parade Charlotte Ronson ... We hope you enjoy it.

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