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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hi girls, I bring more news of the sixth season of our favorite series The L Word.

As I told them earlier, Elizabeth Berkley, participate in this season, as an art gallery and former unrequited love of Bette which took in college, and this very confirmed that his character is called Kelly Wentworth (less evil that will not be the Phoebe Cutleck). Elizabeth will be released on 4 of 8 chapters that will be record.

Another actor (if you've read good actor) is confirmed Rockmond Dunbar, known for all of us to embody by Benjamin Miles "C-Note" Franklin, in the television series broadcast by Fox, "Prison Break".

Rockmond has been proclaimed as one of the "50 most e TV stars of all time" and is one of the most talented players in the industry. He has participated in numerous series like "Felicity," "CSI Miami," "Shark" and "Grey's Anatomy" and this year has already shot two films "Jada" and "Alien Raiders" will shoot "The family that preys "And next year has already anticipated record" Pastor Brown. " As you can see a race completely successful and unstoppable.

It seems that "The L word" embody a Drag Queen which is totally impressed with Kit.

We will see the surprises that will give us this unique partnership, because we must see that bad luck has to love this woman and that it has tried everything, first Ivan a man locked in the body of a woman, who did not want to know more about Kit because she saw her naked (I never understood very well that radical decision to move away from Kit, which took Ivan).

Then we have to Angus, a man younger than she, apparently all that she had dreamed, and in the end, the fool with a young woman. Tries to prove ...., with Papi, but discovers that although she would like is not lesbian, the pedantic and married after he was found in the way of what I do not remember her name either, and now this Drag Queen so we will see that awaits our kit and that he plays a bit of good luck in love do not believe ?

All these new players, we add a new name already confirmed for this season and also is to Meilinger Melançon. Mei has 28, was born in the Philippines but grew up in Japan and in his teens moved to the United States, currently residing in Los Angeles

She has had a successful career as a model and already has several films to her credit including "X-Men: The Last Stand" in 2006, of course, as almost all members of "The L Word" has participated in at least one chapter of CSI in 2004 and has participated alongside Lauren Lee Smith (Our Lara) in the movie "Pathology" this same year 2008.

The character who will Mei L Word have not meant much, but it has been able to ascertain who will be in 6 episodes and will be a new social worker at a shelter in downtown Los Angeles. Just what we know best.

These actors join the list of our actresses fixed in The L Word, and those who will appear again in the series this season but they have already participated in it before, such as:

Alexandra Hedison, Dylan will we know if we will return to Helena or tell her that her money can not live without it.

Janina Gavankar better known as Papi on our planet, which will come as usual to revolutionize the girls and add more names to her list of conquests.

Guinevere Turner better known as the "bitch" of Gabby Deveaux.

It will also continue even against the protests of Tibette, but only in some episodes:

Marlee Matlin known as Jodie, who believe that Jodie will in this season? I give a hint her favorite phrase is: I avenge even the last thing done ... he also has heard .... you may win, having left by that ...

Cybill Shepherd our gracious Phyllis Krall, imagine that will continue to live their sexuality fully, because as she left evening of each cabinet takes time, but as we know it's never too late when it is good.

Clementine Ford better known as Molly, we believe again, for whom enderese to Shane (that is very difficult ... because we already know all who was the only thing we can do that ... but Molly will be try it).

And to answer the questions again about whether or not Miss, Carmen de la Pica Morales, unfortunately I must tell you that, Sarah Shani not participate in the sixth season of L word, Ilene saved that will give us a surprise last minute or the hidden very carefully, but that is highly unlikely (though not impossible to know Ilene).

If we are not so sad with the news not to see Sarah Shani L word tomorrow I promise a gift about it in your blog, to rejoice sight very much :) for all of us who want to see her again, especially for you, Sandra Cánepa of Uruguay :) thanks for writing ;)

Well, dear inhabitans , and come back with more news .... pay attention.

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