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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Alanis ... I don't liked to kiss Sarah

Hi friends, remember the kiss that Alanis gave Miss.Parker in a scene from Sex in the city? Since it turns out that not taste anything .....

Alanis Morisset said in an interview that not enjoyed the kiss that gave Sarah Jessica Parker on Sex in the city.

Alanis admits that had already experimented with girls, however, the lack of correspondence in for the kiss scene, who did not enjoy it.

Alanis said: "kiss Sarah Jessica Parker because I was interpreting a lesbian in the series and had to kiss her. So already had some experience with people of my own sex, but the scene was not in good time to be with Sarah. His character was reluctant to get involved, so it was not a passionate kiss, was one reluctant and therefore not what I enjoyed. "

Then we kiss the famous scene in Sex in the city, for which not even having seen it or simply to remember.

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