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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mary Louise Parker fought by the lesbian plot in fried green tomatoes ....

In an interview maintained by actress Mary Louise Parker on AfterEllen, during the TCA press tour in Los Angeles and in response to the question that if you had ever desire that has history of fried green tomatoes were a little more friendly to lesbian , Revealed that she personally begged him to the director Jon Avnet not censor the lesbian plot.

"I tried that the plot was more romantic articulated but did not want to go down that road. I really tried to push in that direction but did not agree with me. only Mary Stuart and Fannie Flagg said yes and them that it should be done as I wanted, but the director, producer and all the rest did not want "

But times have changed and Mary-Louise Parker interpret Catherine, a film director, who travels to Paris with her daughter Claire-it-photographer. They start to shoot a movie, because Paris reminds Catherine the New Jersey of his childhood, but one day walking through a bazaar known to a French actress, Anna-the Pretty Julie Delpy-, who eventually interpreted his mother in the film and that will change your life.

Julie Delpy

The film, titled Les Passages is currently in pre-production and is the first film director and writer Donna Vermeer. It really would be a pity that due to lack of budget is not completed by this film.

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