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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hi girls, I bring a report over Cassie popes that after this track to find out something about the sixth season of The L Word.

This time, it has been cast in an interview he has granted Ilene Chaiken to the international media, had journalists from Germany, Holland, England and so on.

This interviews these were organized by the Twenty Century Fox. And they asked him about the sixth season and on rumours and speculations that exist about the series.

Ilene denied the rumour that Erin Daniels will produce a chapter in the series this season, and said she was busy with her new show, and not leave it very clear that Dylan to go back in the sixth season, but everything suggests that if ...

Also commented that the first people to believe that L Word were Bette and Jenny.

We will continue to listen to more news on L Word ...

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