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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lindsay Lohan & Sam Ronson have wedding plans...

Hi LesPlanet's girls here we bring you the latest news from one of our favorite couples (well at least my favorite is Lindsay, the other comes in the package ...:))

According to the tabloid newspaper News Of The World, Lindsay will and declare their eternal love to his beloved Sam Ronson in a private ceremony in Los Angeles later this year.

Apparently, Lindsay's mother, Dina Lohan, wants Sam is welcome to the family for everything high, with drinks and canapes for Lindsay's friends and family would also be responsible for finding date for the wedding and apparently everything indicates to serious at year end. Segun explained the girls exchange votes to stay together a lifetime.

In addition Lindsay already has been seeing a mini-wedding dress for the very event, marking Channel, Samantha joked that wear a suit of black boyfriend with top hat.

According to a source of the same newspaper, the girls would be thinking about making their relationship public:

"They have taken their relationship in a very discreet and quiet for months, trying to go through good friends around the world, but have concluded that this is not a flirt more, but that is for life, well they have decided to make public their romance. "

It really should make public their relationship before we receive the news of her wedding, besides also have to think about your wedding or after our beloved Ellen and Portia, as they have announced it before ...

Whatever the reason, if you really think about marriage, since the LesPlanet congratulate them and wish her well ...

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