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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hi LesPlanet's girls, as every Thursday, here you've got the next chapter of videos Pepa and Silvia.

We put the number 4 video entitled "bachelor party", this is one of the funniest videos of the entire season.

I hope you enjoy it and you laughing as much as us ...

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Muchas gracias for all your translations. This is one of my favorite scenes. Pepa's reaction to the dancer, Silvia's jealously and of course Rita and Lola are the best!

Hi thank you for your comment, we are glad you have liked the episode, now if you want to play again with more quality than before because we have changed the player you prefer this player seems to previous youtube?
Do not miss the following episodes, it becomes ever more interesting history.
Kisses :)

this is the best video for me


Where is the first kiss, for me is also one of the best scenes, do not miss the chapters already reached this stage also very very soon, is that we are telling the story from the beginning, Silvia is still confused and does not accept who feel jealous, and not feel something recognized by Pepa, but on Thursday that it has already changed, the story becomes increasingly interesting, we will not miss.

I really like that you tell the whole story right from the beginning! :) Thanks so much for all the work. The undertitle is very very helpful ;)
I really hope that you give us the chance to get all the story! So pleas keep uploading :) I love the pepa y silvia story!
Thanks so so much...

Hi,we are glad that you like videos to Silvia and Pepa, we believe that it is best to put the story from the beginning, so that they can understand all this most romantic and beautiful love story.
And do not worry that'll entire history until the end of the season and when the new start in September also will have the subtitled here.
Do not miss the following chapters of this Thursday becomes very interesting ...
Kisses and thanks for being part of this blog :)

Thats very good news :) I'm so looking forward for todays episode :) Hopefully I can watch it after work!
Thanks again (even so I'm repeating ^^ )
And you definately have me as a new reader of your blog! Really enjoy it here! :))
muchos recuerdos de mi parte!

Haha! This is really great - the funniest episode by far. Thanks for the translations!