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Friday, August 1, 2008

Another wedding on our planet ...

Hi dear people of the most beautiful planet that exists. The story that Heather Matarazzo, or more known for Cruth in the series "Exes & Ohs."

This 25-year-old actress has officially confirmed that it is committed to marry his partner Carolyn Murphy, the couple brings together more than a year.

Matarazzo came out publicly as a lesbian in 2004, when he was 21.

Heather recalled his first kiss with a girl when he was a teenager. "We were sitting in my room with pink carpeting, pink," describes. "It was summer and was sitting Indian-style across each other and I was so incredibly nervous. And I thought: 'Yes, definitely I'm gay'."

Heather is quite known for roles in the films "Welcome to the Dollhouse" or "Princess in Surprise," and now "Exes & Ohs."

It has not yet been made public the date of the wedding but from here on Lesplanet be attentive to tell what's new in this future wedding, and we wish the happy couple happiness.

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