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Monday, July 28, 2008

I kissed a Whoopi Goldberg ..

Hi girls LesPlanet, I want to tell them about a singer Katy Perry has been done on our planet known for sure that every song we heard "I Kissed a Girl" She has been this morning in The View from the USA where a program is one of his interviewers to our beloved divertidisma and Whoopi Goldberg. Kate was to promote her song "I Kissed a Girl 'that has been running 5 weeks in the list of best sellers, becoming clear in the summer hit in the United States.

After the performance the presenters of the programme have made a number of questions related to 'homosexuality' part of her songs' I Kissed a Girl ', her success was another' Ur So Gay 'because she has stated on several media she is not gay.

When in full interview goes up on stage to greet Whoopi Goldberg and gives Kate a kiss on the mouth and leaves saying "I like it" (as the song "I liked")
and leaves very surprised Kate and her companions program and say that neither the public.

Here are leaving the video presentation of the song if some had not even heard of the kiss of Whoopi.

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