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Sunday, December 7, 2008

No Prop 8 ... "The Musical"

Hey guys, you story has been in a Hollywood musical in favor of gay marriage in California.

Many Hollywood stars have joined together to perform "Prop 8. The Musical," which is a musical against homophobic and absurd Proposal 8.

Marc Shaiman the renowned producer of musicals like Hairspray, (and gay activist) has teamed up with Adam Shenkman (the director of Hairspray the movie) to create a music video in protest against Prop. 8, participating in the video as many famous stars, the comedian Jack Black makes Jesus Christ, Neil Patrick Harris, Allison Janney, John C Reilly, Jenifer Lewis, Margaret Cho, Kathy Najimy and many more.

The video (available on the website Funny or Die) presents us with a group of players who represent the conservatives and progressives, and another group of supporters and opponents of Proposition 8, they face in a discussion of songs which stands for Jesus stop the fight, played by Black.

The conservative group, headed by actor John C Reilly, is helped from the Bible to deny marriage between persons of the same sex. At that time Jesus appears and says: "The Bible says many things, it also says you can sell your daughter for a sheep" jejeje ...

In the end, the conservative group appears to cede a little to the argument that the celebration of gay weddings could bring many economic benefits to the City Council.

This is an original and fun protest that shows that despite everything, the LGBT community and the people who are tolerant and believes in a world of equality, can deal with the injustices with a sense of humor.

Well girls here have left the video .... I hope you enjoy.

vid : funny or die

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