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Sunday, December 7, 2008


Hello dear friends and readers of LesPlanet, today I can tell you that I have had a great displeasure and I feel very bad about it.

Today I have reached some messages insulting and calling around for some videos downloaded from a girl who has her mind on YouTube (but not download from there but from another site called Daily Motion, where there was no warning not to post) in this account makes it seem that you can not refuel or link these videos, as I have just learned, the case is that the lower order subtitled into Spanish and posted on the blog in Spanish for all fans of L Word that speaking spanish we could understand that happening in the developments of the sixth season.

This girl, I command a mail today asking for a very bad way as not to refuel their videos, here you can see the mail I sent to my profile:


This girl has not even care to see the post where their videos are subtitled, if he had done so would have been noticed here that this writing her name as the source of the videos on YouTube and you can see also on the part of most information source of the videos.

Well the fact is that this girl before she could even answer, has a post on the forum Tibette.com (I've heard because a friend of mine member of the forum I notice) accusations that it is not going to put more spoilers because I'm being stolen, and that because of me will not be able to see more progress. This has led many fans to send emails to the channel insulted, calling thief, and much more, I felt obliged to block many of them ...

I have been told that this girl or even to subscribe to your channel or video link from its channel to be able to see them elsewhere, can only see them members of Tibette.com and much less will it seems that despite having asked for permission to the subtitle I can to all of us and what is more sad this girl is Spanish ...

This is the message that I send you all before I learned, this afternoon:

"Hi, I have never wanted to miss the respect or you or your work and your effort in getting these videos, if I dropped some videos from your channel has been subtitled only to be able to Spanish, because otherwise I do not mind make a link to the videos from your channel, but I can not link only because that option is disabled on your channel, and the only way to downloaded for subtitled in Spanish.

As with other people who put videos, I have requested permission to be subtitled, and I do not have any problem for it because in my blog I always credits and people know that the videos are not mine, because I put the name of the person who had.

I think it's important that people who do not speak English can also learn about the latest news from L word sixth season.

I hope you understand and know to share your videos with all the fans of both L Word English-speaking and Spanish-speaking. I reiterate my apologies."

All this has me very sorry and wanted to share it with you all if you see something or hear something of this item, I preferred tell you myself and not give way to speculation, for all this despite the fact that I have another girl that if I had SaabStory given permission to download and there will be some subtitled videos that will not be able to post, I'm also thinking seriously of withdrawing the subtitled video blog.

Only thing I've tried to subtitle these videos has not been stolen or fail to respect the work of others like me are accusing (but of course this is the person also has to get off because someone does not work in the production of Showtime ...) But that all of us can understand clearly what will happen this season, plus I do not make money with this, and besides the time it takes me subtitle these videos is very long and I remove a lot of time with my wife and my daughter , As I said above it is not for profit, I do not make money with this, besides the same time I took subtitle series Spanish in English for the whole community can be aware of everything that is said in our favorite series.I do it just for a day we are all in this issue of L Word or any other topical issue both in series and in news.

Finally I just want to clarify if someone reads it Tibette.com that if does not rise more videos is not my fault, but by pure selfishness of not wanting to share these videos with anyone, not to allow anyone to see if it can not in its channel, it must be that if she makes money with that, because otherwise I do not understand, even my subtitled videos can be downloaded and link to other channels and I would not any problem for me, that would not steal but share with all the world that have common interests to ours.

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