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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ellen and Britney in "Little house on the prarie"...

Hi dear people, tell them that our beloved Ellen Degeneres is planning one of theirs ... Ellen will pass the weekend with Britney Spears and make a report for its program.

Our favorite presenter said she wanted to spend a whole weekend with Britney to learn more about her life and we learned that they are also preparing something fun to present at the show.

We already know we like Ellen and has been seen with Britney dressed in period costumes, big and pompous style velvet dresses of Ingalls Family, (little house on the prarie), with a shawl and matching hat, Ellen with a green and Britney with a red .... jejejejje's very sexy.

Their gone well dressed, singing carols through the streets of Los Angeles. Demonstrating their entire spirit of Christmas. All this is part of a recording for the Ellen program that will be issued on Tuesday, Dec. 16. I can not lose and I know what losing does not worry that you can see here in LesPlanet:)

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