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Friday, October 3, 2008

Thank you very much to all from LesPlanet...

Hi LesPlanet's girls, because we received many mails requesting information about you that way can send us your help to assist in maintaining LesPlanet and further growth, LesPlanet has thought of putting a link for donations you all you are interested in helping us, whatever contribution they are all welcome and of course very grateful. .

Many of you said that you have us in addition to click on the banners ask information us show you some other way so you can more effectively collaborate with LesPlanet, and we have done.

LesPlanet want to thank from the heart you wish to collaborate in maintaining this blog as you know is that all of us.

We want to also know that LesPlanet will open up new sections that you have asked us and we raised you have to create a chat where you can join and know with certainty that all belong to the same community and we have the same interests.

All this is a huge work and effort in every aspect to meet all your expectations but LesPlanet already is working on all this, why you're so grateful for your unselfish cooperation and above all for being always with LesPlanet.

We put in the right margin a permanent link to all those who want to make your contribution to LesPlanet ... again we thank you for everything you to our dear friends and readers.

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