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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hey girls, and finish the season 5 Paco's Men and it was a really exciting episode ... besides our beloved couple appeared fairly in relation to the two previous episodes.

The summary of the episode begins like this:

Paco meets his men in secret and asks them a pact of silence because you know where you're going to act the Kaiser, and will be on the same day. The plan is to infiltrate a military base to trap air and prevent the theft of the century. Paco explains his plan to Don Lorenzo and asks permission to act. Taking advantage of the meeting, Lucas contact with their peers and all are happy to discover that he is alive. He announced that it intended to marry the same day with Sara.

Just when the Commander Salgado seems willing to accept that Lucas is dead, Mariano out of fear that comes out all wrong and really kill Lucas he confesses that his friend (Lucas) is still alive and gives you all the information on their plans to arrest the Kaiser.

Sara is alone in the motel where she was hiding, held from a video conference a Bachelorette party the most tender to her mother, her aunts and Rita "Bachelorette party Video Conferencing"

Soon Sara look at the time and tells them that they must prepare now for the big moment of your wedding with Lucas, but not without knowing that Allison and Arrieta gave her hideout and go in its search to eliminate her. Sara no crashes or the video conference and her mother and her aunts see everything that happens in the room when Allison come to kill Sara .... 2 shots were heard.

Lucas after thwarting the plans of the Kaiser took command with Paco and Mariano airplane had been kidnapped with everything seemingly calm is about to jump from the plane because he has a wedding to get what ... yours.

It gets the parachute and Salgado said he could not let it escape if innocent will have to prove that even if he has helped to arrest the Kaiser has to explain things. Lucas and he said he had no time for that now because he's married.

Mariano is placed between Salgado (his girlfriend) and Lucas and tells her that he is the godfather and its duty to groom arrive safe and healthy to the church.

Lucas placed a helmet and was pulled. Arrieta the Kaiser's sidekick who was hiding in the plane out of his hiding place and points to the Salgado with the gun behind.

Tells Don Lorenzo ordering his men to disarm him or shoot to the head.

Meanwhile Lucas comes to earth and get a guy on a motorcycle take him to the Church.

Sees Allison (the Kaiser) healing ever more bleeding. Arrieta informs you that you have control of the airplane.

Lucas arrives at the hermitage, and prepares to wait around for Sara.

Gonzalo with the girls find the location of Allison and decide to cut step on the road to Allison that goes into the van. Now everything is ready.

Silvia tries to console Lola this shattered thinking that Sara may be dead, and Silvia collapses and weeps also asks Pepa to the hand because the much needed at this time, Pepa taking her hand and looking calm and giving forces. Gonzalo turns around and sees and understands that they are together (and was surprised he had hoped to have something with Pepa, and also on Silvia's boyfriend...)

Allison is ready to defend herself with the gun and asks Arrieta button to open the cargo airplane, and enter Gonzalo take by surprised to Allison, he points to her head. Allison warns that they leave to go to their peers are in the air thousands of feet trapped. Silvia said stopped her and Allison asked to Arrieta who launched the first.

Pepa and Silvia left the weapons on the floor, and a neglect to stop Allison, you put the handcuffs

Lola goes mad and subject to Allison asked about Sara. Allison laughs and dies.

While Lucas dressed in white goes in the hermitage and viewed with admiration. Sara goes in the hermitage, are already together. Lucas and Sara are marrying, the priest asks the earnest, but not as lead, Lucas takes the currency of "face goes well." Lucas says YES. And you ... Sara. They have to interrupt because they think that is wrong, but calls continue, said Yes, I DO. Her dress is beginning to bleed by the abdomen, and when the priest says, "I now pronounce you husband and wife" they're kissing and Sara falls to the ground. Sara is pale, Lucas takes the pulse ..

Despite attempts to convince Gonzalo Arrieta, you communicate that control is falling from a body of the plane. Do I pull the plane?.

As you can see the episode ends of the most interesting and what is worse is that we will not know anything until January that begins next season ...

But do not despair, we will make an issue of these last three episodes as we have been doing throughout the season and will be able to enjoy a little more of our girls, for the moment you put a preview of what we see in these videos ....

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