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Friday, October 3, 2008

A romantic escape...

Hi dear friends, the soap opera of the history between Lilo and Sam has no end. Again be home again, this time from the magazine OK!, The report says: Lindsay Lohan untold love story: My Life with Sam "

This is what I said OK! : Lindsay Lohan, has found love and tells us their plans for marriage. After a string of bad relationships, Lindsay Lohan has finally found love with the DJ Samantha Ronson. OK! has the scoop on how they met and met and the positive impact it has had one in the other, they also reveal plans for the couple to walk down the aisle of marriage and maybe start a family.

Lindsay's friends also talk about their feelings about the couple. It seems Lindsay's friends are very happy with the relationship because "this is the first healthy relationship that has Lindsay."

The article mentions that Lindsay and Samantha carried out of the closet several months in the face of their friends and those who have spoken with their wedding plans.

It is not the first time that publishes a magazine that the couple intends to marry, but they make no public statement about their relationship, (except she did it Lindsay agreeing with this since a long time ago Samantha).

Anyway it remains to be seen if they marry, but if they did would be a bombshell!

For now the couple decided to get away from everything and take a two days of vacation at a beach, enjoying the sun and sea, in Los Cabos.

We do not know if they will marry or not, but since LesPlanet wish them well in their relationship. Here you can see photos of the two girls enjoying a nice day at the beach.

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