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Monday, September 29, 2008

Hey LesPlanet's girls, as you know has already started the fifth season of Gray's Anatomy with a lesbian couple made up of Callie and Erica in the fabric of the new episodes, and as always LesPlanet going to be here to get the most interesting of the chapters related with these girls.

I'm going to make a brief summary of the first two episodes before they seeing we've edited the video for you all, and we hope you enjoy it.

As we saw the fourth season ended when Callie and Erica kiss ... and in these new episodes we see Callie and Erica when viewed for the first time after the kiss and to our amazement fleeing from one another, and I say, what happened after that kiss to react well to be? Will each of kissing and went to her house as if nothing had happened? Do not you spoke after kissing? The good thing is that we are many doubts after seeing this amazing reaction from both.

Shortly after Callie and Erica are again found in the hallway (that's what he has to work both in the same place ...). Both engage in a conversation without any sense, and speak of their research (how long have been without being able to have so much depth in its research and stay so busy?, Do you phone these two?, As I say there are a thousand excuses to justify not having spoken before ... is this attitude that we do not know where to classify it, we can say that it can be quite child ... but we'll manage to overcome this shyness so typical of teenagers.

Speaking of medical issues, we can highlight Callie trying to solve a vertebral crush with a new experimental treatment that involves freezing the patient. When they reach the complications of the case, Callie comes into panic and collapses, but then appears Erica, who brings to Callie of her catatonic state getting it calms down and fix the problem (for which it had investigated both ...), with that the patient does not die and get back the mobility and return to walk.

Already at the end of the episode Callie dares to approach Erica to say that she does not like to experiment. Erica was initially was a little surprised because it believes they are talking about the new experimental treatment but as they are going to be talking Callie realizes that she is talking about the kiss, maybe she realized when she said that she did not like kissing girls (Erica's face is to see it ...) but fixes it telling that her sole likes kissing a woman and that is Erica (who tender ....). Callie continued saying that she was the only girl to have kissed and Erica says she is also rookie in these duties so we both realize and they are talking about virgin in this type of relationship and that at least they are frightened together ....

Well girls, do not see this as anything bad the start of the season, a little cold between the two but I imagine that through the remaining episodes take the relationship between the two heat ... Here you finally get the video, enjoy it.

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