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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The L Girls tell us about the sixth season

Hi dear inhabitans of LesPlanet, I know that has caused much controversy, all the information that has been taken on the new season of The L Word, some have many questions to the head that had no response .... ¿Jenny commits suicide or kill them? , Tibette separates?, Dylan returns with Helena? Jenny and Shane together?, what happens to Alice and Tasha? ..and so on more and more questions .

I have been researching and looking for information to answer these questions, and I think we could get some answers and all with pictures that prove the theories.

But now I bring a video in which the same actresses and Mom Chaiken try to dispel our doubts and we will all that awaits us in the sixth and final season of The L Word.

At least to me particularly, after seeing the video has become clear to me what will happen in season is coming. We have many new things and new characters will try ... boycotting couples and create more drama in the series.

I have to confess that:

I hate to Berkley .....As he asked that a Tina?? ... that bothers you flirt with your girlfriend?
( I the kill her... sure! ... with a smile very dignified ... but the KILL HER).
I am sure that my Bette will not fall this time.

And Miss. Jamie? .... can not be left alone to Alice and Tasha a single moment?

To distinguish thing:

Shane's face when I say that it is paying .... is that I do not believe this is very unconvincing.

The sincerity of the psychologist jejejeje

Dylan's face when Helena she said Fuck You!

The Berckley´s face when Tina replied .

The pathetic attempt by Jodi trying to give to Bette jealousy, kissing a girl in their noses.

And Jenny kissing Nikky. (?????)

What we wanted to see and we saw no more than a few thousandths of a second in the video: It is the burning passion and wild sex Tibette .... they say over there that there is very little this season ..... Come on Ilene ..... I hope that is not true and we can see it.

We wanted more than XENA ....

To conclude this brief glimpse of the new season has confirmed to me many things and I was left feeling that despite the unexpected death of Jenny at the begining , things in this season are not yet fully defined and that each episode will have many surprises.

What do you think? .

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