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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Vatican supported the death penalty and imprisonment for homosexuals

Hi girls, changing the news, a little, I bring an outrageous story(for a change). I was reading the news and saw this headline:

The Vatican supports the death penalty and imprisonment for homosexuals

You can imagine how it felt to read this. I was paralyzed and shocked, but mostly disappointed. It's not that I fervently believe in the church, but even I was struck by the radical position, so openly taken on this issue.

Never before have they spoken out against our community so hard, energetic, discriminatingly, or violent.

I've studied in a Catholic school my whole life, led by a French congregation of nuns. I have, also, grown up in the Christian faith. But now it seems the church, itself, has been responsible for the tear down my religious beliefs.

I believe in a God, an exceeding force. Call it destiny. Call it God. It doesn't matter what you call it, I have faith in that force, in myself and in people.

Sometimes I ask myself, why believe in God? You're Catholic? I say can I believe in God, but not in the church? What is that like? I believe in the values of God, in a force, in love, to helping the needy, and sharing. My religion is a mixture of values of many religions, but I do not believe in any of the institutions.

I disagree with the Church, more and more, each passing day. I do not understand how a God who loves everybody equally, can condemn someone, because the church wants to condemn them and agrees to kill a human being because of their sexual orientation? God does not love the gays? Well, gentlemen of the Church, I believe that HE DOES.

So a woman who divorces can not be accepted in the church, where, God says that one can not make mistakes? Where, it is preferable to stay married, even in an unhappy marriage and even with a husband who hits you, because divorcees are stained in the eyes of the church. Come On!

And where God said that the love between two people of the same sex is a sin? . In which part of the bible does it say all those things? I am tired of so much cynicism and hypocrisy.

It is for these and so many other reasons, that the church has always disappointed me. Now, it does not deserve even a little bit of my respect.

Here's the news:

France proposed to the ONU the universal decriminalization of homosexuality but, contrary to appearances, not everyone is in agreement with this initiative. In fact the Vatican was the first that refused to implement this idea.

This was confirmed by Radio Vatican spokesman of the Holy See, Federico Lombardi, who expressed mistrust of the Catholic Church before the French proposal.

"Obviously no one wants to defend the death penalty for homosexuals, as some would like us to believe." said Lombardi, who recalled that the Vatican is not alone in its position, because, in his words, there are 150 UN member states that have not been acceded to the French proposal.

Sure, Mr Lombardi, there are many against it. The Church is also against it but, different from the rest, they want to death or jail for homosexuals. They believe they are voting for God? No more cheap excuses that don't convince anybody.

In an interview, Migliore (the Vatican's representative at the ONU), will ensure that "the Catechism of the Catholic Church says, and not from today, that with respect to homosexual people should avoid any sign of unjust discrimination. But here the is another question. "

And I ask myself? Which is the question Mr. Migliore? that a group of people be penalized for their sexual orientation ... that's not DISCRIMINATION? ... Really?

"You can clearly become an instrument of pressure or discrimination against anyone who, for example, sees the marriage between men and women the fundamental and original form of social life and as such something that privilege," he concluded.

Girls I have nothing more to say. I feel just disgusted. Disgusted

Thanks : Liz

3 comentarios:

It's ok to like the same sex, what is not ok is to make it an orientation. it should only be a lifestyle.

it sucks but is true.

As much as I feel that in the 21st century we shouldn't have to ear (read) such things anymore, I can't say I'm very surprised. Benoit XVI isn't know for being very progressive, and he is the boss of the Vatican, right ?

But I have to say that reading your post, I feel really proud to be French. That doesn't happen so often, so I needed to say it.