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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tibette moments ... in the six season

Hi, dear inhabitans of LesPlanet, continuing with the latest news from our favorite series, I bring to this post, the couple most beloved of all TIBETTE.

From what we started with the news, things were focused on the death of Jenny ... in the new relationship of Shane and Jenny, in the return of Dylan and Helena, the pregnant Max, in the Alice and Tasha ... and we we've given importance to our favorite couple, in the previous post could see a few minutes of hot sex scene Tibette to which we have always used (because we know that nobody heats the atmosphere as both Tina and Bette).

In this season, do not forget to go to the game Berkley, which is the temptation personified, is very dangerous game card , for Ilene is that under the table, the Berkley flirting with Bette openly, and is also known that regrets not having taken advantage of his chance with my Bette at the university.

Tina, has matured a lot in these seasons, now has a very high esteem, not be overwhelmed by the Berkley. Accepts the game of seduction the Berkley without the angry with Bette putting the record straight in a calm manner. And Bette gives you confidence, gives him his place at any time and asks you to believe in it.

The lack of communication they had before, because there was no, note they have learned from their mistakes, now speak their minds, what they feel, what you do not like.

For Bette, the priorities of their lives have changed ... the first thing now is her family, and after the rest, to learn to not be so selfish, to appreciate what he has .... and care.

In this season, established that the couple will strengthen their love and trust, and neither can thousands of Berkley's break to Tibette. (Mom Chaiken.. care ... not ... you ... , you do not know that there is no worst fury that tibetter's disappointed )

In this season, Bette and Tina want to enlarge the family. :) Season will be a very lively and hard Sometimes, they will lose their jobs, Jenny ...dies at home ...... But despite all this season will see my Bette has more smiles than in other season.

Well, since most things will continue to Tibette now left with no videos of moments in this season's Tibette. I hope to enjoy the videos

Vid: Montjuic

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3 comentarios:

Ohhhh so sweet !!!!
I sure that the end of tibette will be so good ??

It's gonnae be nice to see tibette happy and in love all the episodes :)


What does bette say after she says " I am happy"

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