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Sunday, December 28, 2008

The big news from Alice...

Hi dear people of our LesPlanet, today I bring a very funny video.

Many and different reactions have been from all of us, when we knowed is that in Sixth and final Season of The L Word .... Shane and Jenny are a couple (for a short time but we are).

For someone it seems wrong, because they have nothing in common, other thinks good to them, because they wanted their friendship will end in love, another seems genuine madness, others believe they are tender, in conclusion... there are many views on the matter and very very different.

But you have wondered as got the news our L girls?. We already know that the first in know it was that our untimely Alice who was in shock literally unable to articulate understandable word .... and know that it's hard to shut Alice.... as she must has affected the news. Then she recover speaking, and she is going to the bathroom and manages to communicate the big news to the rest of the other girls ..... way SMS

Which was the reaction of each of them to know that Shane and Jenny had sex last night?
We can see it in the video .... I hope you enjoy.

Note: I can not leave the post without I say that Bette is so sweet!! I love her when she laugh :)

4 comentarios:

LOL you made my day!! ahaha

Really, I thought Helena's reaction was amazing.

But I agree that Bette was cute :)

the video was interesting and funny... enjoyed.