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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hi dear inhabitants of our planet behind the colorful rainbow, starting in the next week we will have here in LesPlanet "Hospital Central".

The veteran series Hospital Central, now in its 15th season and issued by the channel Tele5, is a sort of Spanish version of the popular U.S. series ER, focusing on the lives of a group of doctors at a hospital in Madrid and it appears the love story between Maca and Esther, history, it has stolen the hearts of all and which we will deal exclusively.

In the Central Hospital of Madrid, in which she works as a nurse several years ago Esther (Fátima Baeza), who has not had much luck in love, none of their relations came forward, but now, fate had saved her the most wonderful story Love would have imagined.

It all started in the eighth season of the series, at which time Maca (Patricia Vico), a young pediatrician from Jerez (Spain), who had recently moved to Madrid after leaving her fiancé planted on the altar and disclose to her family that she was a lesbian. Upon her arrival at the hospital, had a misunderstanding with Esther nurse at the hospital, but eventually became good friends to agree on a course of cooking, and since then their relationship has evolved into something more than friendship.

The ratio of Maca and Esther has faced difficult tests, such as depression of Maca and a terrible accident in which Esther was involved, but the relationship of the two women continued to progress during the two seasons, resulting in her commitment to end the ninth season. Now they are one of the strongest couples in the series, and despite having to face more challenges this season (including problems with the family of one of them), it appears that the wedding will take place.

They have a sweet relationship based on love and respect, despite the fact that always caught kissing at work, most of the hospital workers accepted their relationship and her colleagues are pleased that they are in love.

As we will see the story evolves with the passage of the seasons and there are many surprises that have occurred here and that you will see ....

The Central Hospital of lesbian history is broadcast nationally in prime time and is treated in a very natural. It is sometimes possible to forget that Esther and Maca are a lesbian couple because the way they are treated is much the same as are heterosexual couples in the series. (It can not be said of Erica and Callie in Grey's Anatomy...).

As explained Patricia Vico, the actress who plays Maca, "We should consider this a love story between two women and no more, no label of lesbian or gay."

Thank God we do not like all the actresses lose their jobs for doctors to interpret lesbians, or "to see green leaves ...".

Then they left with a video introduction and presentation of the characters in "Hospital Central" who are involved in our central story of Esther and Maca, which is where we will deal here in LesPlanet (as we did with Pepa and Silvia in the series Los Hombres de Paco).

I hope to enjoy the next week will publish the schedules of the series will LesPlanet:

Sugar Rush Season 2.
The L Word Season 2
South of Nowhere Season 1
Maca and Esther Season 1

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