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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The map of intolerance

Hi dear inhabitans of LesPlanet, according to the World Values Survey is viewable on a map, homophobia distributed by the countries of the world.

Both regions of high risk for homosexuals as a country of freedom and respect, the figures one can conclude that homophobia is a social problem and tolerance as an indicator of civility, education and development. A further development, the less homophobia.

Countries with greater economic development is characterized by the lower frequencies of homophobia. The clear example is the Western European countries in this region are the two countries with the lowest rate of homophobia: Holland with 7% of the population and Sweden with 8.4% of the population believe that homosexuality is never justifiable , followed by Sweden, Denmark and Iceland.

In America, the extremes are Canada, with 25.3% of people who reject homosexuality, as opposed to El Salvador with 78.7% of homophobia.
The United States has a rate of 31%

Mexico has an intermediate rate of 48.3% percent of Mexicans believe that homosexuality is never justifiable.

If countries such as Holland or Sweden have low rates of homophobia, on the other side of the balance are Iran with 90%. But there are still more homophobic countries that Iran, like Indonesia with 94.5%, Pakistan with 96.4% and Egypt, with a staggering rate of 99.9%. All countries where the majority religion is Islam.

In Africa the situation is not much better than in Islamic countries. In Uganda the percentage of those who claim that homophobia is never justifiable verging on 91%, while Tanzania 93% and 95% in Zimbabwe.

Well, you know girls, data that should be taken into account when planning a trip somewhere, unfortunately homophobia is a disease that now exists and has no cure, affects some more than others.

Well, I wanted to go on holiday to Egypt : ( , so I have to think ... because I can end up locked in a pyramid only by taking the hand of my girlfriend ...

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