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Friday, November 14, 2008


Hi, dear inhabitans of Lesplanet, today we'll talk about sex, that several days ago that we do not do it and I have received emails with some doubts and questions, talk about sex or fast as they say QUICKIE when one considers whether or not sex? and what to whom and who goes down over whether there is any difference, then try to answer these questions in my opinion.


To see this is a quick description of sex (in Spain is called Quiqui or Kiki) is about as fast sex will wonder, then put an example:

You and your girlfriend have been going home for a few friends to dinner and have to be there in half an hour.

Prepare to leave but suddenly the view and you look at how well it fits you the shirt and mark him as the breasts, sexy or what you see with this skirt, or how well it fits you tanning on the body, and the wish ...

And although they know that if you get the afternoon looking at that time, you close, the kiss and suddenly are in the carpet, sofa, bed or where they fall, making love ... This is a quickie.

But Quickies arise only when there is no hurry, it is also when "I have an exam to help me relax ..." or "I feel like an orgasm before sleep" is sex without preliminary as it seems ... straight to the point.

But quite contrary to what we think is the lesbian Quickies are not always so fast it all depends on each person. I have a friend who is about an hour and another ten minutes, got a quickie for which she is quick to have sex without preliminary knowing that you're not going to spend the night with that person.

So, if you are making love or sex pure? , then I would say that it is more sex and passion that make love, the love-making is longer, with more ritual, more calm, more tenderness, more caresses, more preliminary more game of seduction, but not misunderstand because you can have a quickie with your partner, is not a synonym for sporadic relationship varies more than anything in the time I believe.


Who gets up and who down, normally is a question disguises the real question is, "Who makes a man?" or "who fucks whom" this is a look totally heterosexual. Most lesbians take turns and we get above, below and in between. And also assumes the top is the active and below, the passive thought heterosexuals another.

In the lesbian sex, things are not that way, at least in general, which does not mean that couples who have not broken their roles in bed. This depends on each couple, because there are butch`s who prefer the bottom and women who likes to dominate, or vice versa, there are all sorts of possible combinations.

But people have the bad habit as a standard to classify sexual desires by the external image. Women more masculine in appearance may be too timid to take the plunge, and the female with a pint of not having broken a dish might be a lioness in bed, nothing is known, not everything is what it seems.

We lesbians, we do not have limited the behavior of heterosexual relations, for us it does not matter who is up, we have no general rules for passive and active, dominant and dominated. in lesbian couples, the two parties involved in equal and enjoy the same way ...

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Quick, slow, is all good, no? Love the photos.

YESSS :), in any form is good