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Saturday, November 15, 2008

UH HUH HER ... The Sunday in MTV LOGO

Hi dear friends, Leisha Hailey and Camila Gray of Uh Huh Her were these weeks in the studios of MTV preparing the presentation of the group's logo NewNowNext Music show that tomorrow will be Sunday night, and sat down for a few minutes to talk about the band, their fans, visibility and lesbians in a conversation they had with the beautiful Sarah Warn of AfterEllen.com.

Leisha Hailey = LH
Camila Grey = CG

CG - "Thanks for all your support."
LH - "Yeah, thanks big time."
CG - "Word."

Leisha Hailey was shocked about the attention the band got.

LH - "I knew people watch 'The L Word' and I knew they were excited about the characters, but I never thought that people followed the actors and what they did in their personal lives. So, when we started this band, I never in my wildest dreams thought that people would find out about it."

She thought it would happen slower then it did.

LH - "So it was a big blessing because, you know, it gave us the chance to play for people. And, that's great, because, that can take years."

CG - "The fans have been really cool and they've made us these amazing things. They made us shes, um they made this amazing book..."

LH - "Yeah, we're really into the fan art. It's a great thing for us to keep, cause it will last forever."

On lesbian culture:

LH - "I think as far as lesbian culture goes, things have just gotten easier. The people have gotten more comfortable with being out and more comfortable with themselves."

"Just looking back with my own experience, of that whole process, people seemed more quiet about it. More secretive, and it was harder to find your world and people like you. And now I feel its gotten pretty mainstream. And that's amazing."

Then they put the interview and exclusive photos taken by Robin Roemer, that enjoyment.

via : Afterellen.com

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