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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ladies confirmed ... We Have Shenny !!!!

Hi dear inhabitants of LesPlanet.

I told you in a previous post that all we would see of Shenny, would be a simple kiss. But no, this is not true.

After Jenny confesses her love to Shane, they kiss and sleep together the night! For you ladies ... There is Shenny sex, and the next morning (at the beginning of the episode 6x03) they wake up in bed and are interrupted by Alice, who at the news gets a WHATTTTT ??????? face.

As you know, Alice can not resist the temptation of blab with such news and with an excuse of going to the bathroom, was locked in and sending a text message to tell everyone about what she just discovered with Shane and Jenny.

The girls react differently. Helena, in the gym, loses her balance and fallas backwards off of the treadmill. Tina, in the middle of a meeting, lets loose with a "what the fuck". Tasha, reads it with a smile.

Bette has a fit of laughter in the midst of a meeting and when Kit gets the message, she doesn't know how to access it. Now everyone knows about Shenny in less than 60 seconds ...

Upon leaving the bathroom, Jenny gets closer to Alice and asks her not to tell anyone about her and Shane. (A little late Jenny:))

I leave you here, with the video of Shenny .... I will come back with more news.

Note: Special Thanks to Liz for your great help.

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