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Friday, November 28, 2008

What happens with Max?

Hello people of our beloved planet of the rainbow, I bring more news on the sixth season of The L Word.

Before you know who is going to die in season, all we think it would be Max, remember?

Then they tell ladies that we were very very wrong, Max far from dying, give life .... Our beloved Moira / Max, is a season look like the wolf man, discovers she is pregnant by Tom (if the interpreter Jodie).
It is not known safe sex these two ?????.

In one scene we see that you confirm the pregnancy, and you say that it is too late to attempt an abortion, and our mother .... is infuriating.

Who think girls? ..... Oh Come On !! in what I was thinking Mom Chaiken??

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2 comentarios:

Thanks for the updates! How about any news from HC on Maca? What's going to happen to her now she is not the director, will she get to be in love again? Esther, Vero? Someone new? She is not leaving is she?

Could there be one thing about this season im excited about? other than shenny which is ruined by impending death? could i not have one happy relationship untainted by cheating/ the fact that one of the members is a recently introduced cardboard cut out of a character? no we must take time to focus on max who nobody cares about...