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Sunday, November 23, 2008

The girl in the Newsstand

Hi dear people of Lesplanet, today I bring Sunday for them to relax and start to a good start the week, an erotic story. (You know you're reading is for adults over 18 years). I hope to enjoy the story.

The girl in the Newsstand

The first days in the new district were stranger to Pilar. She had spent her entire life in a condo in the heart of the city, surrounded by noise, music, smoke, and cars. Now in a house with a small garden and patio at the bottom, a place so quiet, it was like a dream. At last, what had seemed so bad, having to sell her condo to pay her brother his half, his rightful inheritance, had been to her advantage.

Pilar soon became accustomed to her new environment. She ran in the park every morning, going to the new stand that was like five streets from her house. Not only because it had all the magazines that you you could want ... but especially because there was a beautiful saleswoman.

Pilar is a lesbian. She discovered this just after adolescence when, instead of watching the boys, her eyes were lost to the back-end of girls. And, when she had to make efforts to remove her eyes from the neckline of her friends tops, when they would dance and try on sexy clothes. Since those times, when she didn't understand what was happening, and now, 33 years later, she was in only 3 relationships, had some adventures, and confirmed that she was attracted to women.

But she had not yet had a long-term relationship, with someone whom she had a desire to share her life with. Partly, because she panicked at the thought of commitment and because she was not really in love.

Pilar had to accept that something strange was happening with the girl in the new stand. She began to look for excuses to go and buy things there, although it was not the closest store to home. She could not explain what attracted her, given that the girl always wore large shirts with long skirts. She wore glasses with a gold chain on them, and long brown hair collected, most of the time, in a pony tail. The eyes of the girl were intensely green, however with each passing day, Pilar discovered that, on some occasions, they put on a deep teal shade and sometimes switch to brown in color.

"Hello. What can I help you with?"

- Today your eyes are a different color.

For the first time she saw the girl's smile .... and she thought that she had a beautiful smile.

- It's from my father. Their eyes change with the weather as well
- How is that?.

- Well, when they are brown, its raining ... if they are very green, then the weather is fine and clear. Teal when there is moisture and cold.

- "So you're a mobile weather service." said Pilar, trying to be funny and succeeding. The girl fired a burst of laughter, throwing her head back her blouse opened a little, showing the edge of her breasts. Pilar's gaze was lost there, in that gentle curve. Immediately looking away, because just seeing that little skin gave her goose bumps. It's been too long without making love, because with just seeing a bit of tit, she became so nervous she just took her change and left.

In the following days, Pilar was devoted to finding out things about the girl. Adriana was her name and she was around 30, though no one really knew her exact age. The man who worked the stand in the morning was her older brother. He lived in another neighborhood far from here and they had both inherited the business from their father. She heard that their mother had left home when they were very small, because of the mistreatment of her husband. Their father died five years ago and since then, they've both been running the business. She knew that Adriana had a boyfriend, once. He had gone to the US shortly before Adriana's father passed away, promising to return. That promise was never fulfilled, and not only did he not return, but he no longer wrote her either. All that Pilar now knew about Adriana's affairs, let her know that she needed to be careful if there was going to be a relationship.

One Saturday night, Pilar was bored at home, so she decided to leave and see a movie. She had heard of one called "The Other Face of Love", whose character was a lesbian, and thought it would be good. After she took a long bath, and inspected the mirror, she liked her body took good care of herself with exercise. She decided on a short black skirt, a white sweater and took her purse. She combed her short black hair, put on some lip gloss, and headed out. She took a car, but when passing in front of the stand, decided to buy some sweets.

Adriana was closing up. Pilar was surprised to see her with tight jeans and a form fitting shirt on. Adriana saw her stop the car and paused. While Pilar got out of the car she told her about the movie.

- Wow. Are you going to bring anything?

- "Yes, Adriana. I wanted some of the candy, that you always carry." Pilar did not want to seem distracted, but Adriana looked really spectacular in her outfit. She noticed her breasts, and the perfect roundness of her ass.

Adriana was surprised that she knew her name, but then realized that she probably managed to find out her name the same way that she had found out hers.

- "Got a date?" Adriana asked suddenly, her green eyes meeting Pilars big beautiful blue ones.

- "No, I was going alone. Why don't you come with me?" Pilar asked suddenly.

- "Well, just let me close." Adriana replied.

She almost seemed to be waiting for that invitation. How could she know that Adriana wanted to be invited? No, no. Surely she was carried away by the attraction that led her to the other woman. Adriana was a mystery that Pilar wanted to solve.

They saw the movie, "The Other Face of Love," which was about the story of a lesbian girl and two boys who sought to gain her attention. Was this a first date? Pilar felt strangely like it was. So at the end of the film, Pilar invited her for some coffee. She wanted to spend time with her and now she had the opportunity. Finally, to talk about something more than the time, or a book (Adriana was a voracious reader) or music.

- I feel changed.

- Changed?.

- Yes. I feel great. You should wear clothes like that more often.

- I do, on the weekend.

- And why not during the week?

- You know, I'm alone at night in the stand and guys tend to get hot and heavy. If you look like a nun, they don't bother you as much. Most don't even consider it.

Both the women laughed, because they knew that was true. Pilar stretched her hand to take the sugar the same time as Adriana, and two hands touched. Pilar looked at Adriana, surprised, especially because she seemed to have no intention of withdrawing her hand. After a moment Pilar felt that familiar chill run up her back. The one she always got, when she met a special lady.

- Did you like the movie?.

- Yes, it was good.

- "What do you think of the lesbian?" Pilar asked suddenly.
Adriana was jealous of girls who knew their sexual preference. "I had a lesbian friend in high school. She was my best friend and always helped me in everything. The other girls laughed a lot at me for that. It wasn't easy, but while Sonia was close, everything was more bearable."

- What happened to her?

- She understood that we couldn't go anywhere because my dad forbade it. when someone tole him that the girl was 'weird', my dad did not let me see anymore. Then her family moved to another city, and I nothing more came of it. It was a pity. She was the best person I have ever known.

- Weren't you curious? I mean, that she was a lesbian?

- No. I think that everyone can do what they want with their lives, while not shitting on others. Live and let live.

- Wow, I didn't figure you had such an open mind.

- Ha ha. The way I grew up, I probably shouldn't. I think it was the forcing of the phobia of it. The more closed-minded my father wanted me to get, the more my mind was open. I still have many things to overcome, but it won't be like it was.

Pilar nodded. She now knew what Adriana wasn't afraid and didn't consider lesbianism as something despicable.

Pilar went to the new stand several times in the next weeks, until Adriana said she would like to see another movie. Pilar asked her if she had seen "The Anxiety," starring again Susan Sarandon. This is a story of vampires and lesbians, but she obviously didn't say that to Adriana.

- I was going to see it once with Sonia, but my father wouldn't let me. I still do not know why. I didn't dare ask either. What am I a fool?

- "I have the video, if you want to see it at my place tonight. I can meet you when you close the stand." It was a crazy invitation, Pilar knew.

However Adriana looked her in the eye and told her, "Well, it will be like at 9:00 in the evening. Should I bring pizza?

- "Of course." Pilar responded as a nervous teenager. She practically ran to her house to clean, vacuum, wash, perfume, put the lights low, and get dressed. At 9:00 o'clock the doorbell rang. Adriana was there.

- "You look beautiful. You have beautiful legs." Adriana was wearing a blue sweater, that made it able to see underneath and her large, firm, breasts.

Putting the pizza on the table, Pilar brought cups and cold beer from the kitchen. She prepared the food and movie, and they sat together on the sofa. Very together.

- "Denevue is elegant." Adriana muttered. Pilar nodded without taking her eyes off her legs. She was stretched to take her glass of beer and rubbed both her legs.

- True, a very elegant woman.

- Louis likes Catherine Deneuve a lot. I always said that it was something like platonic love.

- Who is Luis?

- He was my boyfriend. A poor type, so repressed by his mother like me by my father that just before he ended his suffering, he took off to the US.

- Do you hate him for leaving you alone?

- You know, I don't hate him. I think, perhaps, the love was just not as strong. If I have to confess, I wasn't too surprised. I think I was just in the habit of using him every now and then to be able to get away from home. We were an excuse for each other.

- "Did you have sex with him?" Pilar asked suddenly. She was already jealous listening to her speak of Luis.

Adriana turned to look in Pilar's eyes. "I thought you already heard around the neighborhood? I am a virgin."

- Well ...

- Come Pilar ... I am sure that you have something on me. I know how it is the people, always talk around here.

- I knew some of your boyfriend and your father, but nothing more.

- Well,then, you have an idea. I never had sex with Luis. There was many opportunities. On several occasions we were almost about to do, but I didn't want it. I did not feel the "it" feeling that it is assumed everyone feels. After he left, I was no longer with anyone. Dad was sick for a while after he died I devoted myself to studying and working at the new stand.
- Has anyone ever even touched you?

Adriana watched the screen, which is showing Susan Sarandon again. She looked directly into Pilar's eyes and responded in a very low voice.

- Sonia touched me. We were always touching when we were alone.

The idea excited Pilar. The idea that Adriana had already had the desire for another woman, made her feel more relieved. She slipped her hand on Adriana's leg and she let her.
- And you liked it?

- Very much, but we didn't get to do a lot of things. My father drove home early one day and walked in on us embracing. Imagine if we had been touching each others breasts as we sometimes did? I think he would have killed us.

Pilar could not endure anymore. She reached out her hands and began touching Adriana's breasts on top of her sweater. The breast stroke was one of the most sensual experiences that Pilar knew. Soon Pilar's nipples were hard for Adriana.

Adriana leaned her face closer to that of Pilar, her lips opened, asking for a kiss. Adriana was not long in coming and they formed a tender, sweet and passionate kiss. Pilar felt hot, so she put her arms behind Adriana's neck in order to deepen the kiss, the breasts of one against the other.

Pilars hands ran along Adriana's body trying to cover all her curves. The desire that was awakening had been developing for some time. Meanwhile, Adriana undid the buttons on Pilar's shirt, leaving her breasts with nipples erect. Adriana grabbed the nipples in her mouth, switching from one to the other, while feeling that her sex was burning completely soaked. I wanted to drop all barriers, knowing pleasure, the pleasure she knew only in the arms of another woman. The pleasure she had anticipated with the shy necking she had done with Sonia so many years ago, and then not been able to experience, since.

With her experience in love, Pilar took away the Sweater and soothed her own warmth. She wanted this first time to be special for her friend. It was the first time and she did not want to disappoint her. Adriana wore a black lace bra, which made Pilar completely crazy. She covered the cleft between the breasts in kisses, and then released them and allowed them to air. Adriana's nipples were great. She caught one between her lips and gave it a slight squeeze between her teeth, as if she wanted to eat it. Adriana responded by taking the helm of Pilar and sunk between their breasts. Then Pilar sucked, chewed and teased her in a slow and sensual way.

- I'm very excited Pilar.

- "I know" - answered Pilar. Undoing Adriana's skirt. She then moved it down her legs. Then she removed the black panties, leaving the moist air between their sex, and a swollen clitoris that still had never been touched. Pilar made Adriana sit on the edge of the sofa, and then put her hands on Adriana's sex. Beginning to massage the entire entry to the point of pleasure with her hand, and then devoted special attention to the clitoris, that was swollen, making Adriana launch into a deep sigh of pleasure to feel those fingers masturbating her with such skill and tenderness. Pilar seemed to know all of the areas that were erotic and pleasurable, because when she put two fingers inside her vagina she was so wet that they penetrated easily into the narrow cavity.

- Does it bother you?

- No ... no ..... don't stop....- Adriana replied, pushing her body closer to that of Pilar in order to feel her more inside. Meanwhile her hands had caught the clit of Pilar and she had begun massaging with force. Pilar was pushing her own body on her hand. To penetrate Adriana with more ease, her fingers came and went quickly from the vagina moist and super-lubricated, Adriana gave sighs and groans, beginning to have severe spasms she announced that she was going to come. She came in a violent manner, trapping several of Pilar's fingers inside her. She started making them vibrate in order to enhance the Adriana's pleasurable sensation. Adriana finished her sighs of pleasure.

When the orgasm had quieted, Pilar withdrew her fingers. She kissed her on the mouth, and was not surprised to feel the hand of Adriana on their sex, touching on her panties, massaging so inexperienced but wonderfully.

- I want you to feel pleased too. Tell me how to do it.

- Keep rubbing - said Pilar, excited with the idea.

- Tell me what you do.

Pilar removed her skirt and panties, led Adriana to lie on the couch, and she herself lay on the opposite side. Then her legs intertwined with those of her new lover, until both sexes were touching. Adriana shuddered to feel the other woman's sex, super hot and wet, against hers. Began to move slowly, rocking. Losing the notion of space and time, and then accelerating, Adriana had a new orgasm that lasted several minutes. Pilar had her first of that night, putting them on the verge of delirium. Adriana, still moving like crazy, pushing her swollen clitoris against Pilar, suddenly had another intense orgasm that came to them both, leaving them exhausted and sweaty. They then rested a bit on the sofa, with their sexes pulsating close.

Adriana escaped the link of Pilar's legs and was approaching her mouth to give her a kiss long and deep. When separated Adriana dropped to Pilar's neck, licking and kissing gently, sensual in a way that Pilar began to heat up again. Adriana continued down her stomach until she found herself near her sex. She was already swollen and expectant again.

She looked and felt the desires to suck, which until recently she had thought was disgusting ... but now she just wanted to give pleasure to Pilar and make her feel the same things that she had felt, in that its first exchange. With the tip of her tongue touching the clitoris of her friend, she felt this shudder that made her lose the notion of containment. She began to suck her clitoris then poking her tongue inside, entering the vaginal lipsand making her go crazy.

- Please - called Pillar, who was exhausted from the previous orgasms, but could not stop ... Adriana was still playing with her tongue there, ruthlessly devoted to stimulating the button of love .... until a new orgasm shook the bowels of Pilar, making her legs shake. Adriana rose, licking the belly of Pilar, until her neck, where the head then rested. Their bodies lying naked and sweaty. A wonderful scent floated in the air..

Source: Relatoslesbicos and thank you Liz

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