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Friday, November 28, 2008

Shenny's moment .... Episode 6x02

Hey girls LesPlanet, I've been researching a lot to try to get out of the doubt on whether true or not JENNNY dies?

And it seems my theory that the sixth season begins Ilene by the end, and that through the episodes tells us everything that has happened up to that time, is gaining a lot of strength.

We already know that Jenny dies of truth, it is not a dream or anything like that, it is almost certain to commit suicide and not kill anybody, and now knowing that Bette and Shane, which are trying to save her but did not succeed .... it was too late. And Shane is crying so she was not seen with the girls when it comes to Sgt Lawless. :)

According to sources, after the betrayal, Shane is trying by all means speak to Jenny not want to know anything about it, misses home and has no intention to forgive her.

Meanwhile ... Molly (Molly remember ... the beautiful daughter of Philips), realizes that her feelings for Shane is not silly and you're in love with her and go get it, but Shane is not at home, Molly had written a love letter to Shane opening their hearts and saying she is not going to renounce her and will face all by herself and loves that.

This letter was given to Jenny for being given to Shane ... and our friend Jenny QEPD, reads it and hides, and not give it to Shane, because with all that has happened Jenny has had time to think and discovers that the betrayal of Shane broke the heart rather than by Nikki, for Shane and realizes that this really in love with Shane and had not noticed before.

Jenny confesses her love to Shane and remains perplexed ... and we have the time SHENNY,

I do not know what to think of the time Shenny is in season, because according to the photos, Shane is about Jenny than to eat a hug and kisses to Jenny taking advantage of the moment kiss ... Shane and we know that in these circunstances is always left carrying ... the kiss is more of Jenny to Shane that Shane to Jenny, because if we look at the hands of Shane is as if she wanted away with courtesy.

At the end Shane confesses that loves Molly, and we know the hidden letter and see who has lost to Shane, Jenny .... commits suicide .... This is apparently the cause of death of Jenny.

Do not worry that you confirm and keep informed.

Girls who think this whole saga that has prepared us Chaika Mom?

Here are the photos that moment SHENNY, when Jenny confesses her love for Shane.. and we can move forward to kiss that ended in sex ... you may see in the next post of L Word.

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