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Thursday, November 27, 2008

The episode 5x12 to 6x01

Hi girls, I have come back with more news from The L Word, apparently the theory that the death of Jenny is the end of everything (even though it happens at the beginning of the episode 6x01), and I do not sound so crazy ... and count them because ...

Because after he allegedly Jenny dies, the episode continuous in time to where we left off at the end of the season 5.

We got Tina and Bette, returning to his home after the celebration of the end of filming "Lez Girls", apparently find that the little Angelica is with fever and lead to the doctor, then we have a tender scene Tibette of your car, but everything that happens on the same night of the party. Just as when Shane is being comforted by Kit, is the same night, and when Tina and Bette speak with Shane in the house and when Shane arrives with his clothes in his hands, because Jenny has thrown out... it is also the same night ....

So ... how we can explain the death of Jenny at the beginning of the episode, "Mom Chaiken wants to confuse us? ...
Furthermore I know that Jenny will reappears in episode 6x02 and 6x04 . I do not know what to think.

I think there are only 2 possibilities:

1. Everything is a dream of those surreal that Jenny is or Shane is a dream because she is drunk...

2. Jenny dies of truth, but Mom Chaiken we go back in history to be able to see everything that happens to reach that end, and tells the whole story upside down (a flashback ... very long for my liking but well ...)

You believe that? .... Tell me their opinions.

Then they made a video where we can see the continuity of Chapter 5x12 with the cap 6x01.

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