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Monday, November 24, 2008

Alice in jail ??

Hi girls, along with news of our L girls , it is time we have news about the Spin Off that the protagonist Leisha Hailey, and the truth by the news that I do not know if rejoice or scare me ...

Apparently, the series will be called "The Farm" and will be located in London and to be more precise in a prison in London ... if you have either read JAIL.

I asked myself who will be on hand this time Mom Chaiken... After having surprised with this promo announcing the supposed death of one of our favorites because we know that that is going to jail is Alice ...

Moreover we know that among the new characters in this pilot we are seven very different women between 20 and 40 years is a leader of a gang, a gangster very hard and mother of two children, a drug addict, another charming and manipulative, a little violent and its medicine with sex :) ... as we see some very different characters.
Reminds me of Bad Girls.

At first, a pilot will be shot on 20 minutes that will have to be approved by Showtime to be turned into a series.
And time of 20 minutes is what the last sitcoms, we do not know if Ilene surprise us with a comedy prison?

Well rumors of Spin Off have been confirmed by Leisha Hailey in an interview that he did in Metromix:

On behalf of the countless fan and Alice Pieszecki L Word, is there anything you can tell us about the spin-off?

Leisha Hailey: Well, has not yet been chosen (to say that it is still not safe to come out to air) is only a pilot. I can forward it definitely will not be what people are expecting, so to speak. I know that we have the most loyal fans who have stepped on the land, so I really hope it does not get angry a lot with the direction we will take the character in the new show. We shall see.

So we already know that girls will have (if the pilot gives the green light) to an Alice behind bars and in London it seems.

The series was to be transmitted via online by Ourchart, but due to the paralysis that has suffered as they count the website, we do not know where to send it finally.

We will be informing very soon :)

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