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Thursday, November 27, 2008

We already know ... who is the last breath

Hi dear inhabitants of LesPlanet, as always, I say, and is not a cliché here you can find all the news and scoops on everything that interests us .... those who follow the blog know this and that is why uncovered the question that everyone is on our favorite series ...

After all the controversy that has been generated with the sixth season of our series The L Word, and the murder of one of our favorites and that another would go to jail, etc ...
In all the discussion forums were say many names, and there are many theories to know the murdered and what the killer.

But here in LesPlanet, we have the answer to that question:

Who dies? .... Then we see the link on the stretcher is Jenny, these photos are episode 6x01, and after seeing the photo do not know what to think ...

It may be that it is a dream of Jenny ... or it may be that the series begins with the end ...
Let's see, Bette is the was that the removal of the pool, we are all very concerned and dismayed.

You think that girl? ... If Jenny is dead in the swimming pool ... not necessarily have to have killed anyone, she may not have committed suicide? Tell me their theories ......
Click any and all to enlarge....

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3 comentarios:

wow great of you that you don't show us spoilers.. thanks a lot

Oh God... seriously ilene, the main character? after all the storylines Mia has had and yet somehow she is a good enough actor to make me care...

I WAIT FIVE SEASONS FOR SHENNY AND THEN YOU KILL JENNY? if this is true chaiken i aint buying a single dvd once this show ends

HI !! Did u think in the photos
tina and bett have rings
i'm nor sure but i think


Tibette for ever