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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The L Word ... the first scenes and news

Hi dear inhabitans of LesPlanet, I bring more news of our favorite series The L Word, the production of the series has released the first photos of the first chapters of our sixth season.

Click any and all to enlarge....

These photos are of chapter 601, (Mom Chaiken directing the early scenes).

We found all our girls on the planet, as we see it is served by Helena, all taking a very quiet tea waiting to see who is going to die, until it reaches Shane (with some pants ... I have not words ...) and all look like a little uncomfortable, because Jenny is there with them. (something like Bette when he went to apologize to Tina in front of all).

Then we have a couple of Alice and Tasha, apparently still in love in the house ... alive ... for now.

Then we're going home of Tina and Bette, Shane and we are, repent and apparently very drunk (and I say the dustbin) counted problems Kit, because it has been evicted from the house by Jenny who do not want to see it or in painting after the stabbing that he gave at the end of season 5.

We can see that by not knowing Shane keep this case in particular ... the mouth or rather the tongue in your site, is out of house and has not even had a chance to make the suitcase since it appeared Jenny threw things of Judas to the street ... Bette and Tina try to talk to her so that everything arrives at a solution ...

In the end we see Shane go home of Alice, we do not know whether to stay or to speak with her, Alice looks the bag worried as saying ... "Do not you will be taken to be true here? With the problems I have with Tasha ... I can not stay ... besides going to die is better than someone you're not close to the star's spin off ... it's dangerous for you.

These photos are of the following chapter 6x04, (if I know have jumped episodes 6x02 and 6x03 not know why?)
Well then, girls, allegedly because the murder happened at this point in the chapter 6x04, and by the photos we can rule out a Bette, Tina, Alice, Jenny and Kit. And I know that Shane is not dead.
The absentees are Helena and Tasha ..... Alice we see serious but not sad, and it confuses me with that smile Kit is so strange ...

And in the chapter 6x04 we also have a gift for fans of Shenny, is not what we expected, a kiss is something rare, but something is beginning ...

What girls think? Who will it die? .... more things that can be drawn from these photos?

Photos by Paul Michaud/Showtime.

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