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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hi dear inhabitans of LesPlanet because of the homophobic censorship of the television channel ABC, Erica Hahn to the character interpreted by the brilliant actress Brooke Smith, this Thursday the love story of our beloved couple CALLICA, has come to an end.

Then I bring the chapter where they will be together one last time to Dra. Erica Hahn, and the Dra. Callie Torres and I see it after I have nothing further to say that ... CALLICA did not deserve an end like that ...

This Couple who is born who had feelings and connections that saw two women apparently heterosexual, a relationship that was slowly maturing, Callie and Erica, were discovered slowly to one another, sharpen face their fears, their prejudices, revealing a world of feelings and sensations that were not previously known and that each was experiencing in his own way ... but always stay together ... as told Callie to Erica "We can scare us together" ... this couple who slowly discovered how to love (according to ABC so explicitly) and accepted.

After this couple so endearing ... There is no more, their love story has been truncated, cut the root, because the uncomfortable wing people, who bothers you see two women lovers, that does not support even in fiction.

But the final as rugged as improper, not even give them a dignified farewell ... is very sad, I think these people do not deserve that.

Since the dismissal of CALLICA me here, because in a short time became an important couple in the community, a couple who reflected the doubts and fears of discovery differently, reflecting the confusion caused by feelings that you have within you, and that sometimes failed to understand .. reflecting the self acceptance in a world full of prejudice, but who find that living like you want to live is wonderful, or as Erica would say you can see "the leaves of trees," while the rest do not understand ...

For all that showed that for every one of the women who were reflected in his characters, we thank them, and you Brooke Smith, because you had the courage to accept a lesbian character, with the risks that this entails today, because they enjoyed doing it, and as you say you get involved and excites you in the draft indirectly by confronting a society that is not ready to appreciate this kind of characters, but even so you did ... and by so doing lost the job.

Brooke, you assure that you have not lost you, the television series and lose much more, to lose a great actress, brave and brilliant, and that its light will shine on many more projects and work where they really know how to appreciate.

And what if they won, and forever ... is our love, respect and appreciation, thanks Brooke Smith, we wish you the best.


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