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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fan Fic Episode 06 "Callica" by Lidia "MIFPandOrita"

Hey girls, we put the fan so today from 6 episode Callica of this 5th season, writes our friend Lidia.

This time we have two parties, this is the first ... tomorrow will publish the second part of this fan fiction ... We hope you enjoy ...

Opens her locker at the hospital and was found inside a white rose in her face is drawn a beautiful smile, take the flower, smells and places a light kiss on some of the petals, putting it back into her locker.

Goes looking for her haste, she knows who was left there, this so happy, never had felt that way before. At last he found, was sitting in a room, quietly observing several sheets she had on the table, her blond hair rosaba his cheeks and brightness of the sun highlighted his beautiful blue eyes.

Callie entered so happy, close the door, and Erica saw her get up from the table wondering what happened to Callie, god few steps towards Erica and hug. "Thanks Erica, is beautiful" she said while Erica put her arms around the waist of Callie. "I knew you'd like ... I wanted to buy something bigger but it was not included in the ticket office" Callie smile and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"I gotta go, I wait in the operating room ... then we are" said Erica while accommodate the hair behind her ear Callie, "Mmm ... I was thinking, because I have nothing to do could see you in action in the operating room" she said Callie. "All right, but I'll get very nervous." Erica smiled at her, the volume of the hands and left the place.

And Erica worked in the operating room next to Doctor Sloan, Erica looked up and I look at Callie smiling through the window of the observation room. Mark saw the scene and said "Oh the lover are here" Erica just look without saying anything, Mark noticed that Erica does not react well with his comment that followed. "Nice hands Dra. Hahn, I bet they are very good for other things, "Erica was stopped and answered" You are right Dr. Sloan, it can not hurt to check, "Sloan" While I believe that the hands of an orthopedic surgeon are better, you know, strong and safe. "

Erica was angry with that comment, was stopped for a moment and look fixedly at Sloan, smiled to see that this achievement of its objective to disturb Erica. Callie realized the situation, saw the face of Erica really angry looking at Sloan.


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