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Monday, November 3, 2008

Fan Fic Cápitulo 06 part 2 "Callica" by Lidia "MIFPandOrita"

Hi again ladies, here you get the second part of fan fiction that gave yesterday for the sixth episode of the fifth season of Grey's Anatomy written by our friend Lidia ...

Erica remained calm and react "We are very well-Sloan" she said to finish the conversation with Mark but because he enjoyed the game continued. "But I've won Hahn, first realized what" it said with a smile, Erica was about to strike but knew that she could not do such a scene in front of everyone.

Callie ran out, Mark realized and said "It appears that you do not like looking at your hands busy on other things," in that Callie entered the operating room was next to strike under Sloan and her pants saying "It occupies your hands as Mark better than you do. "

Mark unable to move him to plead Callie assist him in lifting his trousers, while Callie left the operating room and Erica laughed of the situation.

Erica was found later with Callie, "Thanks for what you did, if you had arrived later could have beaten" at the time Mark arrives a little angry "How could you do that?" Walking toward Callie, Erica did not leave fast forward by in front of him.

"What Sloan? Bothers you to see your attributes? ", Mark replied," I can not teach that are small, "Erica" No thanks, I saw enough already. " Mark is a bit calm and said "It is the operating room was cold ... but this is not the case, Callie?".

Callie leaves behind Erica to speak "Eric let us now?, Then you vere is it?", Erica looks at Sloan and goes.

"Mark, which is what I did was wrong and I'm sorry, but you must leave Erica in peace" Sloan becomes a bit serious and solve things Callie says "You can say whatever you want with me, you hit it," "All right," says Sloan "But I will win", "Do not believe Mark, Erica does not have hands as soft as you think" Callie said with a smile and a naughty look.

In the coffee were Eric and Callie lunch, that's Mark comes and sits with them, seeing as he is left watching, rises from the table with a "Sorry", gives a few steps to sit at another table when Listening to Eric "Sloan Come here, sit down with us."

Mark returns to the table and sits with them, "Torres is mine now ..." says Eric looking for a way to Mark defiant "Do not come back to play," Mark was a bit scared but relaxes when they smiled to see his reaction the joke of Eric and laughs along with them.

Erica: "It's seriously"


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